The Bombay Blue Notes – “Face The Pain” and “Bombay Blues”


“Face The Pain” is one of those albums you listen to over and over and it completely alters your definition of what constitutes good music. It’s catchy and melodic enough that you want to hum or sing along with it but it’s never cheesy or sappy. There is also some really heavy, thumping, ass-kicking riffs and plenty of angst. Often it’s all of the above in the same song!

With tightly arranged rockers and efficient use of rhythm and melody, The Bombay Blue Notes are not your usual alternative rock band; they manage to slip into mainstream appreciation by way of the melodic pop-styled vocals that run across their crushing rhythm work and loud guitar explorations.

Injected with neat little eccentric subversive instrument and vocal stylings, with all the right twists and turns, “Face The Pain” is an album which is the perfect mix between the ambience of driven alternative rock and catchy pop sensibilities.

Blending intoxicating vocal arrangements and teeth gritting orchestration, it’s hard to put into words the sheer coolness of this crunchy crossover vibe. Just listen to it!

The Bombay Blue Notes are on Jamsphere Rock Radio with the tracks, “Face The Pain” and “Bombay Blues”


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