Giulio Nightfall – “Midnight Moon” and “Flying On The Sea III”


Giulio Nightfall is a guitarist, composer, poet, writer and Italian Luthier (most of his albums released were recorded with self-built guitars). Born in Treviso,Italy, he showed creative imagination and determination in different artistic fields from an early age. Giulio writes and composes his own music in which he alternates moments of carefree tenderness and moments of dark powerful pure rock.

The contrasts that generates his music is wrapped in a mystery of light and darkness, which traces a path of perpetual dualism that humanity lives every day; where love often clashes with hatred, tenderness with coldness, fragility with strength and tears with a smile.

Giulio Nightfall is on Jamsphere Rock Radio with the tracks, “Midnight Moon” and “Flying On The Sea III”.

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