Night Auditor – “Desert Wiles” and “Million-Dollar Hustle”

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Night Auditor is a band based in the midwest of the United States. Their interests include psychedelics, soul, R&B, hip-hop, doo-wop, noise, and synth pop. They have been compared to bands as seemingly disparate as Prince and Zappa. The band’s latest EP is entitled “Drugzdilla”.  Two tracks from the Ep, namely, “Desert Wiles” and “Million-Dollar Hustle” is currently on Jamsphere Rock Radio.

Members: Hilal Omar Al Jamal (HOAJ); Eric Wawerczyk; Paul McEldowney; Nathan Bennett
Album Information: Album Art—illustration by Otto Splotch and art direction by
HOAJ; Mastering by Chris Schlarb (Asthmatic Kitty); Mixing by HOAJ;

Label: Folktale Records:

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