Denise Renee Caplock: “What Yo Momma Say” and “Illusive Warrior”

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Denise Renee Caplock is a true renaissance woman: a Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer and Publisher with songs currently charting in the Hip Hop realm, she is also the President and CEO of Collinscrest Entertainment Group. Born into a musical family, she grew up surrounded by passionate musicians, most notably her mother who was a gospel singer signed to the Scepter record label in the 1960’s. Born and raised in Staten Island, New York, Denise grew up singing in church, and went on to join Staten Island based group Status 7. After the group disbanded, Denise struck out on her own and worked with several renowned producers such as Kenton Nix, Freddy Bastone, Jared Hoffman and Chester Simmons, among others.

This experience sparked a deep interest into the workings of the music industry, and she landed an internship at the former 98.7 KISS FM working with Kool DJ Red Alert and Jeff Foxx, under the direction of legendary radio programmer Tony Gray. Finding a niche in record promotion, she went on to work for several record labels including Big Beat Records and Bahia/RCA. A BMI affiliated publisher since 1989, she went on to establish 13th Highest Music, as well as Collinscrest Entertainment Group.

Denise’s journey back to being an artist was initially inspired by the passing of her mother, whose dying wish was that she would return to singing, a promise she has kept even though touched by the subsequent tragedy of losing her sister a year later. Feeling that her mother instinctively knew that music would be the essential lifeline that would help her through such monumental loss, she continues to follow that muse, though the pain of loss will always feel fresh. Finding a deep compassion through these relationships, she is committed to humanitarian endeavors and to making people smile, and although deep down she identifies as a woman well acquainted with grief, she is easy with a laugh, her sense of humor and passion for life shining through in her smile.

When she isn’t influencing musical tastemakers, or masterminding the success of one of the artists on her label, Denise loves to DJ and is an on-air personality at an internet dance music radio station.  Particularly proud of her family’s place in American history, she is the Great Great Granddaughter of legendary philanthropist and business tycoon Colonel Samuel Tate: founder of the historic Tate house in Tate, Georgia, he was also the President of the Georgia Marble Company, which famously supplied the materials that literally built the White House.

Denise Renee Caplock is on Jamsphere with the tracks: “What Yo Momma Say” and “Illusive Warrior”



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