Gene P Kelly: “Killing Time” and “No Place To Go”


Gene P Kelly is a North American artist born in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Gene’s music is now produced and mastered in Nashville, Tn, USA. A singer-songwriter with a mix of Country, Folk, Rock and Blues, Gene has a sound distinctly his own.

Playing the guitar since the age of 8, over the years he has acquired musical skills to play seven instruments in total, as well as writing and arranging all his own material.

Gene is a very talented artist overall. Quoted by critics as being “A Breath of Fresh Air” and known for his catchy lyrics. Gene plays guitar with astonishing accuracy and the live capability of sounding like more than one guitarist.

He follows no rules and is not boxed by any genre, he is truly a “FREE BIRD”, a true musician and singer/songwriter”.

– Zane Peterson MCA Records/Marketing

Gene P Kelly is on Jamsphere with the tracks: “Killing Time” and “No Place To Go”



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