VOICE IN THE ATTIC is a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter whose music “reaches the depths of the human condition and brings a spark of life and hope.”

BC Bogey‘s first spoken word performance dates back to when he was five years old and used to record on tape passages from books about dinosaurs. As an adolescent, he was the lead singer and main songwriter in a heavy metal band named Moshington D.C. ‘Keep it straight’ was an instant hit, and the band took the local stages in a storm. Feeling the need to move on, BC left Moshington to play in bands such as Face the Facts and Tangram. At the age of twenty-three, he was admitted under the alias Chris Boge at Robert Schumann Hochschule, a prestigious conservatory in Düsseldorf, Germany.

It was predicted that he would have a great career in opera. However, BC always had his own musical visions and so he dropped out, teaming up with multi-instrumentalist and producer Wilfried Pechtheyden. Together, they formed TIDE, a studio project whose progressive rock music release AUTUMN, reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Björk, Queensryche and The Tea Party, gained raving reviews in many independent music magazines. Eager to explore all one can know about life, the universe and everything, BC began studying philosophy, geography and English literature and culture. He graduated with honours from Cologne University, where he accepted a teaching position in 2007.

“I like music that’s organic,” Bogey says. “In this quantized ‘hyperreal’ day and age, when recording I frequently pick those takes that sound less perfect, but preserve the original vibe. It’s what I call the ‘humanizing approach’. After all, vocal music is about communication, mouth to ear, from one human being to another. That hasn’t changed from the time when, between five and two million years ago, our earliest ancestors began to walk upright, their Adam’s apples and vocal cords gradually adapting to speech and song. True, all art is somewhat stylized, but there’s no need to diminish communication and deprive ourselves of vital nuances. I’m fortunate to work with musicians and sound engineers who understand and support that view.”

VOICE IN THE ATTIC is on Jamsphere with the track “OVER”



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