Solomon Vaughn – “Mile Hi” and “Driven No Limits”

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Solomon Vaughn AKA Vaughn Solo, AKA Boonie Mayfield, is a seasoned music producer, recording artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Colorado, USA. His versatility spans many genres from his interests in alternative hip-hop, funk, soul, psychedelic, rock, jazz, neo soul, blues and more. Internationally known as a hip-hop beat-smith, many would credit his YouTube ‘beat-making video’ era (2007-2014) as a big part of his present day success.

Solomon Vaughn, aka Boonie Mayfield, aka Boon Doc, hails from Colorado, USA and rose to internet stardom by performing live Hip Hop beats on his MPC 1000 and sharing the performances on Youtube before doing so became a thing. After being robbed of almost all of his equipment Boonie Mayfield managed to re-emerge as a multi-instrumentalist who no longer depended on sampled material, creating his own music instead. Something many of his old fans did not appreciate. But Boon stuck to his newfound guns and started rebuilding his reputation as an original producer and performer.

Solomon Vaughn is on Jamsphere with the tracks “Mile Hi” and “Driven No Limits”


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