Blu Collar Glomeration is on JSR Radio with their crossover-rock and free-form jamming style!

Blu Collar Glomeration has a new comedy album out that’ll make you chuckle with songs like “The Dog’s Cold Nose” and “Arkansas Ambush.” The album is called Angst and Horror, and is eclectic to say the least, including folksy banjo as well as saxophone boogie woogie sounds. Get it on Amazon, as well as Google, iTunes, Rdio, Spotify, Rhapsody, and many other e-stores and apps.

The Blu Collar Glomeration has their music available on Amazon, GooglePlay, Rdio, Spotify, iTunes, and many more sites and apps. Sporting some well received albums, among them:“Angst and Horror”, “Born To Suborn”, “Arkansas Ambush” , “The Adventures Of Blu Collar” and“Woosamonsa!”, this collective project has gained a worldwide fan base. Notwithstanding the fact, they are a tough bunch to pin down.

Blu Collar Glomeration usually has a strange sense of humor and a love of all things quirky. Their crossover-rock and free-form jamming style will never lose your attention. Filled with some of the most outrageously satirical lyrics and some of the most amazing guitar work mixed with some of the strangest rhythms, you will love the madness this band manages to distribute across their albums. Go listen on Spotify HERE!

Blu Collar Glomeration is on Jamsphere Rock Radio with the tracks: “Amerikan Justus”, “Arkansas Ambush”, “Deadman’s Hill”, “Ricochet Eyes”.


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  • Reply June 30, 2015

    Blu Collar

    Rick, you make us sound like a cross between Howard Stern and George Carlin. I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!~~Blu Collar

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