Doublehead – “Fly” and “Run Away”

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Shaun Oster AKA Doublehead is a Drummer, Singer, and Composer. Deeply studied in Jazz drumset, he weaves unique rhythms into his electronic funky music. Influenced by authentic singers such as Bjork and Tom York, Shaun actually studied voice with the same teacher as Bjork – Ron Anderson.

Recently releasing his first album, “Infinity Equals One”, the music of Doublehead is a unique mix of styles that could only be attributed to authentic ideas and heartfelt words with no purpose other then to share his self-expression. Shaun has also recently completed the world’s first VR album (virtual reality) for the Oculous Rift, allowing you to explore another world of visual stimulation while listening to his music.

Doublehead is on Jamsphere with the tracks “Fly” and “Run Away”

Hear the music of Doublehead at or catch him playing live jazz drumset weekly.

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