Strangejuice – “Colorblind” and “Jalapeno Sun”

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Described as the Picasso of the Australian independent music industry, Strangejuice utilize a wide range of contemporary and world instruments, find joy in recording, busking and playing live, and understand the importance of deep lyrical content.
Utilizing a range of musical instruments, (from conventional Guitars, Piano, Sitar, Banjo, Tanbura, Bodran, all the way to the quirky, Shuffling Cards, Footsteps, screeching birds), Domestic Bliss is an exceptional, original, carefully thought out, well-produced musical experience.

Harmonious vocals and brooding, prophetic lyrics are what we have come to expect from Strangejuice, after the double LP “Brown Songs” (a collection of early works) was released internationally in 2008, and this album certainly does not disappoint. After four years in the making, songwriter Mike Anderson (West Australian Song of the Year 1998 Nominee) considers this collection his best work so far.

Although a conventional songwriter, Mike Anderson’s 5 years of experience in composing music for film and television impregnates the album with a deep and atmospheric quality, and his desire for real instruments and aversion from synthesizers makes for an original, earthy experience.

Strangejuice has also just been featured along with Tenacious D, Regina Spektor, Ben Folds Five, and various other successful artists on the International May 2012 Indie Rock Playlist. Their latest 2015 Ep, “Jalapeno Sun” is currently available on iTunes.

Strangejuice is on Jamsphere with the tracks “Colorblind” and “Jalapeno Sun”.


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