Russian Roulette – “Jail” and “Drown”


Russian Roulette is a five-piece band from Toronto, Canada. The group performs original hard rock and heavy metal material, releasing its debut EP of four hard-hitting, powerful tracks in 2015.
The music encompasses a combination of heavy riffs, powerful rhythms and strong, melodic vocals – the product of five diverse musicians working together to create a unique sound that is sure to catch your attention.

Each song is a statement, confirming that good music can’t be classified by genre, restricted by style or held back by mainstream expectations. This is reinforced by every riff, every hook and every roar of the crowd – a staple at every Russian Roulette show.

Russian Roulette is on Jamsphere with the tracks – “Jail” and “Drown”

Visit and hear it for yourself, or follow us on Facebook ( to check out all upcoming shows and announcements.

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