Seldom Seen: “Get Up In The Lights” and “Off the Ground”

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seldom-seen-portraitSeldom Seen is an independent pop/ hip-hop artist from New York, who has opened for multi-platinum artists B2K and Akon in Munich, Germany. He co-wrote the song Sweat Tonight (Shake it Baby) which was marketed as the theme for the Munich-based fitness Company Flexi Sports official fitness music mix, performing at several fitness conventions throughout Germany to promote the song.  Seldom gained sponsorship from GermanysK1X clothing line while touring in Europe and also co-wrote Bring it On, which appears onX-Box and Playstation’s “Narc” video game. Seldom Seen’s “It Might Be Worth It” was featured on Blue Mountain State on Spike TV.

“Get Up In The Lights” produced by PS Beats & GNX Music, is the latest single by Seldom Seen. “Get Up In The Lights” is a solid track, consistent with the entertainer’s ability to produce quality dance music. Seldom hits every musical nail on the head with this track. Poignant with a great beat and sung flawlessly, this song will appeal to all ages and genders that have a penchant for the dancefloor.

Seldom Seen is on Jamsphere with the tracks –  “Get Up In The Lights” and “Off the Ground”

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