Alex Rosselli – “Living The Music” and “New”


Italian-born instrumental guitarist Alex Rosselli cites Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Allan Holdsworth, and Joe Satriani as influences. While there are certainly characteristics of these legends’ styles in Rosselli’s playing, his music greatly expands upon these elements to create a style uniquely his own. His music often employs a very clean, melodic guitar sound, sometimes punctuated with a distorted lead guitar track.

His interest in music began later in life, and when Alex was 20 years old, a Greatest Hits presentation of Carlos Santana on TV captured his imagination and things began to take shape. In 1989, a friend handed him an old acoustic guitar and he reluctantly accepted the gift unknowing at the time how it would transform his life. His first attempts at playing songs like the rock classic “Voodoo Chile” pushed him to reach a level of perfection that took many hours of practice and patience.

During the period from 1990-2000 he had many different musical experiences with rock, metal, pop, progressive rock and entertainment bands. This time proved to be invaluable as it give the fledgling artist an opportunity to experiment and find what direction he wanted to go in when the time was right to record. From 2000-2001 Alex took lessons from CHARLIE BANACOS. Charlie is the originator of the now classic exercises on such tunes as Autumn Leaves, Giant Steps, Anthropology and major and minor blues.

Alex Rosselli is on Jamsphere with the tracks: “Living The Music” and “New”.


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