Pirates of Panama: “Been There Before” and “The Chase”

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Pirates of Panama is an English rock band, formed in Bournemouth in 2011. Bringing their own style of hard hitting, ballsy punk rock and dirty glam metal, the Pirates have quickly gained a large fan base in places like the US and Germany as well as in the UK. After starting out originally as a five piece, the Pirates have now found the perfect lineup, which consists of vocalist/bassist Louis Collins and guitarist Ed Van Egan.

After gigging relentlessly all around the local music scene in 2013, the band were ready to record and, over a period of three months, their self-produced and self-titled EP was recorded. The debut EP pulls no punches. The opener and lead single (Bring You) Back Down, is a slab of hard hitting punchy metal, which continues through blistering punk infused tracks Smokeshow and Overdrive, before ending with the anthemic Raise A Glass.

Promotion of the EP was non-stop with the Pirates using social media, gigs and a radio appearance to get word of their debut out. A video for Smokeshow was also released in the early part of 2014, racking up YouTube views in no time.

But it’s live that the Pirates have really made their reputation. Their non-stop, energetic shows never fail to draw a large crowd. They have played various shows all around the south of England and they recently completed a mini-tour of Los Angeles, playing some of the most prestigious venues in the world at the Whiskey A-Go-Go and the House of Blues, bringing overwhelmingly positive responses from those in the audience. Pirates Of Panama will be appearing on UK national TV as well as a global online stream after a recent interview in Beverly Hills with a local tv crew during there last US tour.

Pirates of Panama is on Jamsphere with the tracks: “Been There Before” and “The Chase”.



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