Nick Festari: “There Will Be No Prize”, “The Song I Wrote For You” + 4 more songs!


Roberto Festari (a.k.a. Nick Festari) started to study piano at 9 years old. When he was 16, he became one of the organists of his parish. It was there that he took his first steps accompanying a talented choir during the liturgical celebrations and performances. In 1987 Nick Festari started to cooperate with Claudio Accatino and Federico Rimonti who began to work with the well-known dance producer Mark Farina. Late on Claudio and Federico started their own label, “HI-NRG ATTACK”, where Festari was involved in writing almost 800 songs in about 20 years, also arranging and often singing these tracks behind many aliases, with his own particular style, achieving great success with Japanese fans and almost everywhere Eurobeat and Italo-Dance music was appreciated.

In the summer of 2013 Nick decided to take the plunge into a solo career and left the Eurobeat and Dance scene, as well as HI-NRG ATTACK, which, up until that point, had provided him with satisfaction and professional skills. Nick Festari has now dived into pop-rock music, trying to reach for a totally new audience. “This is me​.​.​. Slower and Faster”, is Nick Festari’s brand new 6-track EP.

Nick Festari is on Jamsphere Rock Radio with the tracks “You Wanna Make Me Fly”, “Don’t Slam The Radio”, “Wings Of An Angel”, “There Will Be No Prize”, “The Song I Wrote For You” and “Don’t Throw The Dice”



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