Emaculant AKA Nemesis – “Man Power” and “Bottomless Pit”


Born in Olympia, Washington touching parts of California and Philadelphia, Ian L Carr, better known as Emaculant, comes from humble yet musical origins which have instilled a love and passion for music as a whole. His Mother, An opera composer and singer with a Master’s Degree in Music and father a Lyrical Poet and Electrical Engineer helped instill the values for music that Emaculant now adds to his music repertoire. With music and poetry running through his blood, Emaculant’s love for the art led him to a pen and pad at the age of 11 when his musical career began. Writing with session underground, Emaculant began to enter writing competitions which awarded him an introduction to Keith “Blue” Owens and Journalist.

Emaculants’ early music business education pushed him away from mainstream music perceiving it as a lost art when compared to storytelling, metaphors and creative writing. Emaculant credits his creative mindset to his difficult childhood where he was forced to live in abandoned buildings and cars after the passing of his father. Emaculants’ endless obstacles and hardships were overcome by his refusal to become a statistic. Through it all, Emaculant has turned his negative situation into a positive by releasing his frustrations on the basketball court playing for Neumann College. During his college years, Emaculant was in and out of the boxing ring, and basketball court going over seas to spain as a professional in both sports. He was involved in bodybuilding tournaments winning several competitions.

Bouncing around as a youth, Emaculant finally moved to Florida where he connected with Absoloot who shares the same vision, which ultimately resulted in him signing to S.O.C Records. The combination has proven to be a change in the way Rap music has swayed in the latter years. Attempting to do what so many pioneers of the Rap game had done before him, Emaculant is here to tell his story, his way and to be heard by the masses by not only pushing the limits lyrically, but combining worldwide music making it into one sound.

Emaculant is on radio rotation with the tracks: “Man Power” and “Bottomless Pit”.



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