Omar Bowing – New single “Amen” in Rotation


Omar Bowing is an independent artist and songwriter located in Austin, Tx. “Amen” the latest single by Omar Bowing, features Tyson Yen (vocals), Martin Motnik (Bass Guitar) and Tim Horsley (Drums). Bowing plays an innovative instrument called the GuitarViol which is a guitar with cello strings so it can be bowed. He tunes his GuitarViol to 432 Hz looking for the natural pitch.

From blistering virtuosity to delicate meditations Bowing provokes the listener with fresh takes on a wide range of GuitarViol sounds, never losing his sense of balance. He is more than just another guitarist showing off his latest chops, although his considerable fret board skills are certainly displayed throughout. But it is the musical compositions themselves that take center stage.

If you like guitar-driven music that’s interesting, creative, heartfelt, and played by talented musicians with terrific sound quality, who just plain rock the house down, Omar Bowing should be on your playlist!

Omar Bowing is on radio rotation with the tracks “Amen”,  “Evilution” and “Code Love”.



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