Phillip Presswood – “Catch The Rain” and “Only I Can Dream Of You”


Phillip Hilliard Presswood was born November 5, into a joint American-Irish family.  The youngest of three children, it was clear early on that Phillip had leanings toward music and instrumentation. By age four he was playing piano, and had composed his first orchestral work before entering his teens. After being classically trained as a pianist and graduating high school at 16, Phillip devoted considerable amounts of time to researching and learning various sound synthesis methods, including MIDI, sampling, and hard disk recording.

On completion of  his music and linguistic studies in the American capital of Washington, D.C. (Phillip speaks five languages), Phillip was fortunate to engage in several soundtrack projects in the capital area, as well as further afield in New York and Los Angeles.  It was felt that his music lent itself easily to visual interpretation, and this initial soundtrack work eventually led to a demonstration album, “Call From the West” in 2004.

In 2005 he released his first nationally-sold album, “The Secret of the Dawn.”  The two singles from that album, the title track and ‘Another Life’ were featured in radio play in all the major city centers in the United States, followed up with 2008’s “Solea”.  Phillip has since released more works, including the album  “Beauty for Ashes” and “Love: The Fifth Season” is a 3 CD set.

All vocals and instruments heard in Phillip’s songs are performed by himself. Phillip also mixes and produces his own work.

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