Comfortable Cats – “Special” and “What Can I Do?”


London based band ‘The OTT Band’ was put together in 2004 by Tony McGarrett. He after he had worked for 3 years writing unique songs with producer Pete Ardron to create a sound that blends many elements with a touch of 80’s pop.

The biggest gig to date was in front of 25,000 people at London’s Carnaval del Pueblo, August ‘05 – the video of which was seen in 22 countries. Sadly The OTT Band split in 2005 just as it seemed on the threshold of stardom.

Tony Mcgarrett again decided to promote this sound with views of reforming the band with a new line up and name change Comfortable Cats, but he has given up on that for the moment so the project just consists of singer-songwriter Tony Mcgarrett.

Comfortable Cats is on Jamsphere with the tracks, “Special” and “What Can I Do?”


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