Are You A Lion

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Are You A Lion is a band of four young musicians who share their love for American-oriented, alternative rootsrock. Bands as Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses , Midlake but also Neil Young and many many more influenced AYAL.

2004 singer/guitarist Tije Oortwijn released a first CD with his band Cafebar 401, for American indie label Wampus followed by a second Album in 2006. Soon after finishing the second album the band broke up.

In 2010 a new project was started and the name of the band is Are You A Lion. The first gig was at the prestigious Eurosonic festival and from there on the band did a lot of succesful gigs including two supports for Danish topband Saybia.

November 2011 the first album “Are You A Lion” has been released. Reviews were great and soon airplay on indie rock stations and even national television prime time followed.

The band also includes drummer Ruben Zunnebeld, guitar player Harald de Ruiter and bassist Geert Bos.

Are You A Lion present their tracks “Boomerang” and “Come On,” here on Jamsphere.


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