Jon Magnusson – “Dina Drömmar” and “Ode to a Friend”

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Jon Magnusson is a professional social worker and hobbyist musician. Originally from the punk-rock town of Fagersta, or more closer a small village outside called Vad. But since 2007 Jon lives in the beautiful capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

The music he writes and play is sometimes plain folk or sometimes more punkish.  Jon says his ambitions aren’t that big. “I just think it’s a hell lot of fun to write, play and record my songs and hopefully someone will like them as well.”

Jon Magnusson is on radio rotation with the songs:

Dina Drömmar
A song that he wrote and recorded some years ago, but as his recording skills has become better he wanted to give the song a new makeover.

Ode to a Friend
As the title of the song suggests it’s a tribute to a close friend that was taken away way too early. Jon says it’s by far the most sentimental song he has ever written.


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