Jacko Poli: Catchy Indie Pop to The Rescue…

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After stints as the dancing frontman of various indie rock bands, Jacko Poli has finally released his debut album, ‘The Chords for No Noise’Grant Henderson began producing the album in the Spring of 2011, with the talented multi-instrumentalist, Luke Hirst. The first thing you notice when listening to this début release, is that Jacko Poli is a great songwriter, and this album testifies as much, throughout.

Ten tracks that rumble, rock and whisper; from the raunchy album opener, “Let’s Get Lost,”to the single release,“Just For You” and right up until the closing track, “Dance,” Jacko Poli will transport you across a world of emotions and sounds, filled with numerous highlights.

If you think of work by the Beatles, XTC, Sting or Paul Simon, you think of music that is put together in a very entertaining and craftsmanlike way. The great songwriters make music that builds, reaches crescendos, then rolls back with clever variations, all held together, with what the Beatles used to call “middle eights.” Jacko Poli is writing music like that right now.



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