C.King – “Ketchup” (Prod.RyanOddity) and “Ain’t Yo Daddy” (prod.Guillermo)


C.King is a Southern California artist who records in San Diego. After 2 years of roaming the west searching for true elevated consciousness; this stoned poet has traveled the hard road on the lope and is now ready to return to society and inform the world on what he has learned.  #StonedPoetSociety

C.King is on radio rotation with the tracks “Ketchup” (Prod.RyanOddity) and “Ain’t Yo Daddy” (prod.Guillermo) – All music is mixed/mastered by PJ Dalcour in San Diego, CA

“Much love to those who feel alone. Find that passion and run with it…. you can’t go wrong”C.King



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