Manteye: “Sure Don’t Mind” and “Kill The Music”

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Created in 1984, Manteye’s original blues and country-infused pop-rock sound continues to ride the airwaves of Canada, the U.S. and Europe, landing on the ears and in the hearts of die-hard and new fans, resonating with their love for good vibes and bad fashion. Manteye’s new mandate is music for all manner of film. Manteye appreciates film for its immense potential to give visual representation to the intense feelings that so often accompany the auditory experience of music – for creators and listeners alike. Music enhances film by adding another dimension to the visual/intellectual/emotional experience.

A good soundtrack renders a film more memorable. Music often resonates on a subliminal level, drawing the audience member into the film and allowing him or her to connect more deeply with the characters, the story-line or the “moral of the story.” Music sets the emotive undertones for film – and film, conversely, gives visual representation to the ‘feel’ of music – that which the musician is intending to express.

With his characteristic appreciation for the music of the day, creator and front-man Mark Manthei has breathed new life into Manteye. Collaboration with talented and versatile producers, musicians and vocalists creates a fusion of sounds and styles that is reminiscent of John Lennon with country and hip-hop undertones.

Manteye are on Jamsphere Rock Radio with the tracks, “Sure Don’t Mind” and “Kill The Music”

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