Brando Albers: “Procrastinate” and “Nothing Left To Be Afraid Of”

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“This album has been a long time coming. I was originally in a project under the title “My Dearly Forgotten” where I collaborated with a few other vocalists. I decided to call it quits and focused more so on other aspects of my life while messing about with music on the side. I have always had the “Brando Albers” project on the side so there are quite a few other songs available free for download on my website. Its kind of a mess of inspiration though. Suddenly, I felt this sense of direction, so I pulled up my socks and set out to reinvent myself and release it free to the world. I started writing and recording near the end of 2008 and finally finished in November 2012. I am without a label so I had to pull it all together on my own. I believe this is my most honest album yet.” – Brando Albers


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