Rastaman Byr aka Bhy2r – “Rock My Bones” and “Bigga Town”

Rastaman Byr aka Bhy2r is a conscious and cultural Reggae/Dancehall artist bringing on the Afro-Caribbean flavor in his music. Rastaman Byr is on radio rotation with the tracks “Rock My Bones” and “Bigga Town”.

Rastaman Bhy2r is an entertainer on the RwMuZiKCom Reggae Dancehall Label. You can link up with them here: https://rwmuzik.com/bhy2r

Don’t hesitate to hook up with Rastaman Bhy2r’s management for an amazing and powerful stage show.

The following contact info is only for booking inquiries, Dubplates voices, interviews, and stage shows: bookingbhy2r@gmail.com // rwmuzikcom@gmail.com //

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