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Jamsphere Rock Radio enhance the catalog with 2 more songs by the duo Rog & Glenn. The tracks; “Hit The Wall” and “PRKMA” are also taken from the album, “Close The Club”.

Rog and Glenn have been writing and recording music together since 1986 (when they were babies…of course). Glenn is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has worked with more great musicians than he can count. Rog has kept a lower profile on the music scene but has also worked with an impressive cast of characters and has been a prolific creative force for many years. Together, they surprise even themselves with a creative synergy that yields uniquely captivating songs and musical arrangements.

This album is a new approach to songwriting, production, and collaboration between musicians, combining elements of progressive rock, improvisational jams, dance music, and even a touch of Broadway — strange but good.


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