Pablo Iranzo: “In the Eye of the Storm”

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Pablo Iranzo is a Pop/Rock singer-songwriter who lives in Munich, Germany. His first single “In the Eye of the Storm” hits digital retailer sites this month of March 2013, and is now play listed on Jamsphere, together with his other release, “Everything.”

In his Own Words: “I’ve been experimenting with sounds in 2004 and really started to work with professionals in 2009 followed by professional vocal education and guitar training. Working with other people has always been very exciting and inspiring. My first solo single however not only marks a new beginning, but it provides an even more intimate look into who I am then all the other things I have been working on. I strongly believe that something really good has been set in motion and I am excited to see what kind of an impact this new project will have on me as an artist.”

Pablo Iranzo on iTunes

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