RIFF ACTION FAMILY From Russia With Rock!

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The Riff Action Family are on Jamsphere with the tracks “Doors” and “Sky.”  They are also the featured band on our daily special “UNCOVERED” which can be heard on air from Sunday 31st March to Saturday 06th April at 21:00 UTC. Russian fans in Saint Petersburg would have to add 4 more hours onto their clocks to catch the show!

The RAF-story (Riff Action Family) begins in 2009 in St Petersburg, the capital of Russian culture. The music quartet met one day in a bohemian music studio somewhere in the city. The wind of change was in the air, and despite each having their own band (all of them known in Piter), they decided to create a common experimental project. The results were promising from the very beginning. They were bold, wild and eager to express themselves through the sound of rock music.

Stas (Stanislav Gordeev), a charismatic leader with an electrifying vocal and the black belt in Taekwondo. Being born in the family of musicians, he has an original, catchy interpretation of the band’s lyrics.

Vania (Ivan, Ponkin), the guitarist with Jewish roots comes from the cold Siberia. He is a tough customer and x-border cross champion.

Kirill (Kirill, Dmitriev), the self-taught drummer is the strong point of the band. His adventure with drums began 7 years ago, but after hearing him you would believe he has been playing since he could walk.

Anton (Anton, Cookie) plays a bass guitar. Music flows in his blood – his mother, A teacher from Soviet times showed him what playing is all about.

RAF is a blasting mixture of feisty rock with a note of sensitive sound and intriguing lyrics. Be prepared for unexpected when you hear it!

Stas Gordeev – Vocal
Ivan Ponkin – Guitar
Kirill Dmitriev – Drums &Percussion
Anton Cookie – Bass

Until recently Stas Gordeev, Sergei Chugunov, Kirill Dmitriev, and Ivan Ponkin were aliases for Zhires, Batras, Kruger and Vonia.

2010 – EP – From Russia With Love.
December 2011 – LP – ROCKKILL
March 2013 – Single – Doors
May 2013 – Single – See you in Hell
June 2013 – Single – Ratman

Official Links & Websites:

http://rockkill.com (work in progress)


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