Raynbird – “No Superman” and “Atmospehere”

Raynbird is on radio rotation with the tracks “No Superman” – a duet featuring Raynbird and local Savannah Artist Dana. The song is a positive message about female empowerment, with a funky guitar vibe and dancehall inspired singing. “Atmospehere” – a catchy casual song with bluesy inspired guitar riffs and groovy bass line you can’t help but vibe out to.

About the Album:
This is the critically acclaimed 2nd Album from Raynbird that was featured on the cover of Irie Magazine.

About Raynbird:
Raynbird is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and producer from Kingston Jamaica. Raynbirds music is a tasteful blend of Reggae, the blues and R&B. His music has been featured on several radio stations across the country.

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