Lee-Dai Jones: “World Of Rust” and “Lord He Knows”

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Lee Dai Jones, born and bred in Wales is a multi instrumentalist (guitar – electric/acoustic/ dadgad/slide -and currently working toward sitting grade exams-, bass, drums, bodhran, mandolin, fiddle, bongo, banjo, xaphoon and a harp soon. He has been making considerable number of appearances around London and other cities.

He says: ”my music has always been inspired by what I see in the world around me and have written songs about a hells angel I once spoke to in a shop, a good Samaritan that stopped me getting mugged on the streets of Dublin, my grandfather who raised me as a child… and of course the odd break up or two”.

He is currently working on his next project which is a totally new and revamped style of acoustic-urban-folk. He is now embarking on a mini radio tour (massively supported by Radio Cardiff, Ujima FM, Newport City FM, and London’s Switch106radio, VOA to mention but a few.

Lee Dai Jones is on Jamsphere, with “World Of Rust” and “Lord He Knows”.


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