KastL: “What’s Done Is Dead” and “Last Apologetic Poem”

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A lot of people would look at KastL’s life as a Hollywood story. He was on the move since the age of 6 after his parents separated. The constant moving throughout Toronto made it hard for KastL to build a foundation to stay grounded. Having nothing to keep him strapped in, he kept winding up facing many trials and tribulations, losing people dear to him in his life and staying addicted to the drugs that kept him alive.

Later on in his life he was diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder which filed a lot of mistakes that hurt a lot of people in his life. Finally it all started to eat at him and he faced his first suicide attempt.

KastL then found him self enclosed with walls inside of a Toronto rehab facility. This time alone let him focus on the music. His LP “Stories of Ink” is set to release in Spring 2013 which tells the tale of good and evil that he faced and that many of today’s youth can understand. Anything from drugs to the love lost. As of now, KastL is awaiting a beautiful baby with his girlfriend. In the mean time, he works on telling the story about a boy lost in this twisted world. The story of KastL.

KastL is on Jamsphere with “What’s Done Is Dead” and “Last Apologetic Poem”.

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