Progressive Metal Band – ARITY

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Arity is a progressive metal band formed out of West Covina. The current line-up consists of Nicole Macias, Albert Burrola, Anthony Burrola, Chris Hunter, and Shawn Hernandez. After taking a break for a year or so from the music scene, Arity came together with influences of Protest the Hero, Periphery, Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, etc.

Arity is set to release their debut E.P. “Physics Fall Apart” this summer, featuring six songs such as “I Want To Know Your Mind” and the title track “Physics Fall Apart”. Arity is on JamSphere with the tracks, “I Want To Know Your Mind” and “Nights Alone”.

Now in collaboration with Phantom Productions, Arity is out to write, record, and tour the world. For booking inquiries, please contact or visit


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