Hot Electro-Pop From DOLLS!

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DOLLS was born in mid-2009 as the more offensive byproduct of a commercial pop career gone AWOL. Drawing her influence from Joy Division, Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode, DOLLS juxtaposes apocalyptic pop vocals with gritty lyricism, creating a uniquely dark synthpop signature.

Bored after penning and performing two mainstream hits for Warner Music (charting top 10/20 in national video/radio), DOLLS moved from Toronto, Canada to London, UK and relaunched her music career as an independent artist, releasing the self-produced SECRET SULK in January, 2013.

DOLLS’ inimitable style has enchanted international artists of all descriptions (Salman Rushdie is a fan and Rough Trade‘s Carole Pope described SECRET SULK as “The Best Album Ever”) and she is, as ever, terribly sought after but difficult to pin down.

DOLLS is on JamSphere with “Now Now” and “Erase You”



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