Trinidadian Star KOJO Is On The Move Again!

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Born in Trinidad, Kojosound, aka Kojo, started his singing career with childhood friends he grew up with in his hometown, St Anns. They formed boy band New Creation and went on to appear on Trinidadian TV talent show Party Time. The band became an overnight sensation with its a capella versions of Boys II Men classics like End Of The Road and So Hard To Say Goodbye.

New Creation recorded their first album Spirits of Gold and became opening acts for Ant and Dec’s UK tour, coinciding with the duos final album, The Cult of Ant and Dec. The group went on to release their reggae-influenced version of The Beatles’ Hey Jude. The single reached number 4 in the European music video charts and broke into the UK Top 40, winning a best Caribbean R&B group award and scoring a place in Trinidad and Tobago’s history as one of the countries best known pop groups to have toured and receive international recognition in music.

Tragically, a car accident took the life of one of its members, forcing the group to disband. Kojo moved to London and focused on working his way up in the record industry.Purely by accident, Kojo was convinced to start singing again after an old demo recording of his landed in the hands of Dee Leng, Head of A&R at Jetstar. Leng encouraged Kojo to start writing again and introduced him to reggae producers to formulize his new sound – a brilliant mix of R&B, reggae and soca music. Kojo’s collaboration with Livingstone Brown on his current single Queen Inna Di Ghetto has resulted in his best R&B/reggae track to date, and is the first single from his forthcoming album Fahrenheit. He also teamed up with reggae producer Bill Campbell to record/release the first single ‘You Are Someone Special’ from his successful reggae compilation Mature Melodies vol 7.

Kojo is on JamSphere with the tracks “You Are Someone Special” and “”Queen Inna Di Ghetto”


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