Progressive Rock With UNIFIED PAST

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Unified Past is the best kept progressive rock secret in The United States. Featuring a guitarist with a master’s degree in classical guitar performance, a bass player who has toured with numerous bands and musicians for the last thirty years and is currently a member of Joey Belladonna’s Chief Big Way, and a thunderous drummer, with a Drum Corps background, who has also appeared on several independent artist releases, there is most certainly plenty of chops to be found in this band’s music. But as powerful as this band can be, their overall sound focuses more on melody and song composition than it does on technical gymnastics.
Unified Past is supporting their new release, “Spots”, on Melodic Revolution Records (MRR CD 22005). “Spots” is the band’s sixth release and it is their most gripping
recording yet that connects with all fans of progressive rock. Blending seventies style progressive rock with modern day progressive influences, Unified Past delivers a unique and identifiable sound all of their own. If you are a dedicated fan of progressive rock music then Unified Past is for you.
Unified Past are on JamSphere with the songs “Sun” and “Blank”.

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