FreePeople: “Final Answer” and “Light It Up”

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The group known as “FreePeople” was originally formed by four friends, Jeremy Nelson, Vic Gardenhire, Timothy Fiddes, and Nhoj Solares, in 2010. Their music is best characterized as a blend between hip hop and pop rock, embellished by a unique flare of R&B. In late 2012, Vic Gardenhire left the group due to familial obligations. In 2013, Tim Fiddes left the group due irreconcilable conflict amongst other group members. The group, of now two, has continued to thrive on, quickly making a prominent name for themselves in the music world with their unique style, sound, and rich harmonies.

Jeremy Nelson, the Drummer/Producer for FreePeople offered the following, “We love music! Music is our way of life. Our expressions, feelings, emotions, happiness, success, failures, passion, energy, strengths, weaknesses, devotion, and love all come out when we record. Just like an athlete leaves everything he has got on the playing field, we leave everything we have got in the studio.”

FreePeople are on Jamsphere with the songs, “Final Answer” and “Light It Up”.


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