AELO Is A Living Symbol Of Freedom, Tolerance, Diversity And Openness

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In 2000, the Swiss multimedia artist, singer and dancer Lisa Maito founded Energizer Productions, an entertainment company based in Zurich. The company creates stage productions and showcases for corporate events, partys, charities and more. The particular attention lies in the production of AELO The Futuristic Muse for stage and musical productions.

AELO is a fictional character in a series of performing art and showcases and adaptable to film, television, books and comics. Lisa Maito portrayed AELO as a free spirit with unbounded curiosity and adventure. AELO is a living symbol of freedom, tolerance, diversity and openness. Her mysterious aura and friendly character enchants and delights people for these times.

AELO’s alluring beauty and irresistible charm are captured in  musical and stage performances and special events. Clad in a blue skintight body suit and exotic headdress she delivers love and belonging through her voice, rhythmic movements, visual art and music.

AELO is a romantic and sensual creature of our time. Her focus is turned into the hearts of all people. She does not belong to any nation but to all humanity.

AELO is on Jamsphere with the songs, “Dance To Come Together” and “Free Yourself”.


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