Child Of Glass: Never Be Mine and Rock Resurrection Singles Out Now!

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Luca ‘Luke’ Colonnese created Child Of Glass in 2010 to promote the album Alien Snowman Peeping Tom, a collection of 11 songs he had written since 1983 up until 2010 but that were never recorded, produced or published in any way. On the album was Fame Is Free, a song he wrote in 1993, and performed with Suela Mero, a Montreal singer notable for her long curly locks of hair and for giving numerous free live shows in the most obscure of places.

Luca’s second album, Overcast, is made up of 11 new tracks and 3 remixes. It’s due to be released digitally on Sept 3rd. Rock Resurrection, the first single was released last Tuesday, critics were excited and rejoiced. The second single, Never Be Mine is also out and both can be heard on Jamsphere. There is also a video out for Your Love’s Like The Sun, readily available now on YouTube.
At this time Luca ‘Luke’ Colonnese has no plans for any live shows although with over 20 original songs he has enough material to play at least an hour and a half show.


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