Toni Vere: “I Am Free” and “Real Go Getter” Now On Air!

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Toni Vere … A wandering soul and restless spirit … a gypsy … a “seeker”…. or just a girl.

Toni Vere is … Toni Vere.

The songs & the stories meander their way through the years, trials, and tribulations of her life so far. Finding her voice has been a lifelong journey of searching, reaching, stumbling, tripping, and getting back up.

She can only be summed up in one way …Toni … is just Toni.

Her current project is underway at OCL Studios east of Calgary on six acres of heaven. CD “Just To Be”, Toni’s third record is available now. A re-mastered 20th anniversary edition of her first album with 1993’s “Midnight Rider” will be released later this year.


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