Cammyo: “Hustler” and “Paradice” On Rotation!

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The composer of digital music known as Cammyo arrives on JamSphere with the singles, “Hustler” and “Paradice”. Cammyo’s music is pared down to the bare bones of electronic music. His beats are solid and simple, rattled from deep in the groove and unadorned with the unnecessary bells and whistles many EDM artists can’t help but overcrowd their sound with.

His melody lines are endlessly catchy and not repetitive, his loops plotted out for complexity in variation. Cammyo’s instrumentation is tasteful and expertly imagined and realized. Music listeners with a hankering for old-school digital music with a modern edge and feel will walk away from “2 Echo Pussycats – Emerald” with a smile on their faces and a kick in their step.

Cammyo’s sound is tinged with an experience that comes from outside the EDM world. Upon being asked how he got started in music making, Cammyo answers with a short, clear answer: “Listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and 311.” Still, his cited musical influences are far from rap rock or funk from the 1990s. He lists among them the likes of Mensa, Hip Hopps, Rabbits, and Invader Zim.

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