“This Time It’s Personal” is an Inspirational, Emotional, Fun and Entertaining Hip-Hop Album!

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Bio: Slade’s real name is Grady Slade Jr. Raised in the mean streets of Washington, DC, he moved to Pennsylvania at the age of 16. Two years later Slade started writing lyrics and never looked back. After winning local talent shows with his exciting live shows and sharpening his skills as an open mic favorite, Slade began performing professionally in radio, TV, and clubs in Northeastern PA, as well as Philadelphia and New York City.

Music: It’s been said that Slade has the talent to be one of the best emcees of this era because of his deep content and memorable lyrical images. He captivated the audience at the world famous Apollo Theater in New York City with the song “Just Cause.” Now Slade brings us his  fifth studio album This Time It’s Personal with songs like “The Way I’m Feeling” In this inspiring song, he compares the world the way it is to what it could be, and what it should be.

Review: His lyrical content is direct and to the point, creating memorable images that perfectly match the tight drum-machine beats and synth layers of his tracks. This is pure and simple hip hop with no strings attached, but Slade is not afraid to also showcase his melodic side, especially when it comes to the infectious hooks he manage to infuse in most of his songs. While busy creating a great reputation from himself within local scenes and beyond, Slade (also known as Grady Slade) also managed to release his debut album, “This Time It’s Personal”, a collection of 13 songs, each showcasing a unique side of this talented emcee. This music lays somewhere in between the old school and the new, getting inspiration from classic artists, as well as icons of the modern scene.- More More Sound Magazine.


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