The Thiefs: “High Command” and “Good For My Age” Rocking The Airwaves!

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The Thiefs don’t follow the rules. The airwaves may be overrun with rock ‘n’ roll zombies, but this band has devised a plan to steal your hearts and minds while blasting open your ears with guitar rock goodness, a groovy, punch-filled rhythm section and hooks so catchy you’ll want to sing them in the shower tomorrow.

The Thiefs

The Thiefs

Formed in Rockville during the summer of 2012, The Thiefs combined edgy riffs with punk rock energy, tight beats and a razor-sharp wit that’ll inspire you to scream, dance or make you want to siphon gas from a cop car.

The Thiefs’ master plan continued in the fall of 2013, with the release of the group’s debut EP “It’s Not You, It’s Us.” The five-song disc (available online, via CD or download card) captures the band’s frantic rock ‘n’ roll, signature melodies and live energy.

Mike Eudy’s pounding drums, Matty Bryson’s frantic bass lines and Ben Wolfgang’s toneful guitar grinding with ear-popping vocals are underlined by something all three of these dudes have in common: A love for sticking it to the man, sending fans home happy and promoting the kind of rock ‘n’ roll havoc you thought was a thing of the past.



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