Jay Matthews Unleashes “Can’t Believe” and “Hey Baby”!

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Jay Matthews (Jeremy Matthew Wible) releases two singles for radio play. “Can’t Believe” and “Hey Baby”, from his next full length Hip Hop album, “Genesis Project”.

The whole album is based upon the theme of faith and musical passion as highlighted in the single, “Can’t Believe”. He calls out to anyone who dares to challenge his faith and passion for his craft. In “Can’t Believe” Jay is ready to challenge anyone that loves to preach nonsense & ignorance to today’s youth. Today’s current radio artists lead youth into darkness and danger, while they sit in their million dollar homes and cash in on the violence.

Jay Matthews

Jay Matthews

“Hey Baby” is about taking Hip Hop and putting it into the form of a beautiful woman. So much beauty can be turned into something ugly if not taken care of properly. The song speaks about how we love to say we are better than the next man. We love to smooth talk and speak over the next guy, every chance we get.

Jay Matthews is an up and coming American Hip-Hop Artist, born and raised in Michigan, Matthews was noticed after his first EP, Before the Dream, released in 2011. New to the industry, he decided to establish his own record label. Following the success of his EP, he debuted his first single, Winter’s Heart, which helped draw worldwide attention. Now, Matthews is very happy to announce his newest album, “Genesis Project” with the next single being, “Can’t Believe” scheduled to drop Tuesday 12/10/13.

For Genesis Project, Jay Matthews, went back to the format he began with; using hard hitting beats, thought provoking lyrics, catchy hooks which leave nothing to the imagination regarding his faith and moral values. Many of Jay’s earlier fans and new fans will find themselves lost again in the amazing talent of Mr. Matthews. The main objective for his “Genesis Project” is to go back to his roots and doing what he does best.

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To learn more information about Jay Matthews or to contact him for media purposes, go to his website at: http://www.jaymatthews.net

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