Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5 – “Sails Off The Bay” and “6000 Friends” Now On Air!

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Oceans 5When you think of Progressive music, you tend not to imagine a 200 year old traditional tune with sea shanty lyrics. However, “prog” is exactly what Folk Singer/Songwriter Andy John Bradford had in mind when he approached guitarist Colin Tench, with The Mingulay Boatsong.

They assembled an unlikely band, purely to record this one song. They produced a version unlike any version of The Mingulay boatsong heard before. They cared not if anybody actually wanted to hear such a version.

This lineup clearly had great chemistry and despite the fact that they were all busy with their own bands, all agreed that this band has something to say.

Andy has a great feel for songwriting and Oceans 5 have proved to be rather good at twisting those songs into a whole new form. From bouncy sing-along to slightly epic rock.

The first album “” could be considered a progressive/folk rock album in that good old fashioned crossover style. Nothing too clever, just oceans of melodies, a duck and fun, with a lot of content for those who listen out for it. The playing does not get in the way of the songs.

There are 5 core members in Oceans 5 and although they are all influenced by progressive music, all have very different approaches to composition and style. That combination has resulted in songs that really don’t sound like anyone else. The music owes more to the “anything goes” 1970s than the finely tuned precision of 2013.  There are clearly echoes of The Strawbs, Pink Floyd and even Thin Lizzy here.

From the outset, Sonia Mota(known for her artwork with Corvus Stone), encouraged Oceans 5 and started producing ideas for an album that was still just an idea for Andy and the boys. Like the music, the art is not typical of any particular definition.

There are very special guests on the first album and that will continue in the future.

Note about Lorelei McBroom and “6000 friends”

Lorelei has that unique ability to sing “Great gig in the sky”, as heard by anyone who witnessed Pink Floyd live on stage from 1989, or own the “Live inVenice” DVD. All that emotion can be heard on the single “6000 friends”.

The Band and Links:

Andy John Bradford – Vocals and 12 string acoustic guitar (Solo artist and songwriter)

Colin Tench – Guitars (Corvus Stone, BunChakeze, The Minstrel’s Ghost, CTP)

Stef Flaming – Bass guitar (Multi instrumentalist singer and composer behind Rock band “Murky Red” inBelgium, also guest with Corvus Stone)

Victor Tassone – Drums and Percussion (Founder member of Progressive rock band “Unified past”)

Marco Chiappini – keyboards (The Minstrel’s Ghost, CTP & Gandalf’s Project)

Special guests

Andres Guazzelli – Piano and Orchestration (singer, composer, producer, engineer, sound designer and film scorer fromArgentina, also guest with Corvus Stone.)

Lorelei McBroom – Vocals (Most famed for touring with Pink Floyd. Also The Rolling Stones and countless other international stars. Now a permanent member of Australian Pink Floyd on their world tours)

Sonia Mota – Artwork

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