ZAWLES: “Battlemode” is Flying The Airwaves!

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ZawlesCanadian born Matthew P. Gonzales seemed to always have a sense of rhyme. At four years of age his family moved from Toronto back to the Island of Jamaica. But, it wasn’t until he relocated to Brooklyn, New York, did Matthew who later became known as Zawles, start taking his rhyming ability and music in general, seriously.

Although it wasn’t until 2003, that Zawles officially debuted on the New York City music scene with his first mixtape entitled, Hustler’s Redemption, music has always been a number one priority in his heart and Hustler’s Redemption was an instant success, greatly expanding his fan base.

Things were moving along well for Zawles and his two brothers who worked together on the Hustler’s Redemption, mixtape, that featured his brother, Dj Gunzales on the Heard track. Heard was a popular Duplate for Dj Gunzales in Jamaica.

Tragedy struck in 2005 for Zawles when his two brothers were killed. Despite the tragic loss, and as a way to continue his brother’s efforts he kept his momentum going, releasing his first commercial CD, Back Alive-The I’m holding EP in 2008. Zawle dedicated the song Sinful LIFE, from the EP to his brother’s memories.

The Back Alive-The I’m holding EP was picked up by Peach Arch Entertainment, and has been picked to be used as the theme song for the movie, Animal 2, starring Ving Rhames.

2008 also saw the release of Zawle’s first Video, I’m Holding, featuring a cameo appearance by the Drama King, Dj Kay Slay from New York City.

Always working and striving to bring more than what his fans might expect to the music industry he has released a number of singles on iTunes, and worked with several fan favorites, like, Royce Da 59, and Crooked I, after joining Eminem’s, Shady Records label. Current projects include the debut of an independent album and other collaborations.

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