Mario Ghanna is on JamSphere with “É cedo (Acoustic)” and “Mãos ao Alto”

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Mario Ghanna

Mario Ghanna, since a young age was influenced by his father, a skilful pianist. He often woke up on the weekends to the sound of Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven and others. At 12 he began teaching himself to play the guitar. At age 15 he decided to take formal lessons. He enrolled in a school for classical guitar. For nearly three years, the intensity of his studies surrounded the works of Bach, flamenco music, Chopin and Mozart. However, amidst this whirlwind of genres and techniques, Mario went on to develop his own style of execution.

Throughout his college years as a law student (law being another one of his passions), music remained his hobby. Mario also listened to everything from classical music to heavy rock and Samba to blues.

At 22 Mario completed college and, as a result, began his legal career, obtaining personal satisfaction and professional success. It was in mid-2007, in New York City, where his artistic vein was once again awakened, by attending the bars and hanging out with jazz and blues musicians.

On returning to Brazil, without hesitation, Mario resumed his musical studies. During this period he assembled a trio with the idea of handling covers. Their repertoire included Eric Clapton, BB King, Buddy Guy, Marvin Gaye, James Brown and Ray Charles, among others.

After 2 years with the trio and a period of study at Berklee-Boston, Mario Ghanna decided to go his own way. He sought to incorporate elements of jazz, blues, soul, rock and mix them with MPB and samba, etc. Resulting in Mario Ghanna’s debut CD , “Xadrez Urbano”.

Mario Ghanna is on jamSphere with the tracks, “É cedo (Acoustic)” and “Mãos ao Alto”.


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