Sin Box 19: “Rock n Roll” and “Mad School” Now On Rotation!

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Sin Box 19 is a Hard Rock band with influences of Progressive Rock, Funk and Blues, from Sao Jose Rio Preto. The band was formed in 2006, but the current lineup has been together since 2011. The band plays both covers of classic rock and original compositions.

The current lineup of Sin Box 19, that are influenced by the likes of Van Halen, AC DC, Deep Purple, Queen, Supertramp, Bon Jovi and Peter Frampton, is Victor Hugo – Keybord, Harmonica, Sax and Voice // Vinicius – Electric Guitar and Voice // Jessica – Bass // Alonso – Drums.

Sin Box 19 is on JamSphere with the tracks, “Rock n Roll” and “Mad School”


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