Brazilian Rock and Metal From HAVIRA!

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HAVIRA is a Brazilian rock band formed in 2012, with a totally new style of music. It´s hard to identify a style for the band that mixes hard rock with metal and also puts a touch of Brazilian rock. I think, summed up in one word, the music of the band is simply “Powerful”.

The band shows its energy and attitude on stage producing not just a show, but a true spectacle.  Strong vocals, aggressive guitars, intense solos, unmistakable timbre and bass totally desribes HAVIRA!

HAVIRA is on JamSphere with the tracks: “Pro logo das almas” and “Velas, verdades e mentiras versa o radio”

“Adapting to any place or situation, such as water and fire” -HAVIRA!

Vocals – Emerson Reiz
Guitar – Lucash
Bass – Felipe Dias
Drummer – Rodrigo Fernandes



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