Anointed Christian Rapper, Daniel Evans

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Daniel Evans has been writing songs since he was 10. Daniel grew up in the church, but Got out of church for a while, and he says there was a time he was not going to do Christian Rap anymore, because he thought he was a failure to God, but Psalm73:26 says, even though I fail God is the strength of my heart, and Proverbs24:16 says a righteous man stumble and falls and gets back up.

He says: “So even though I know I made mistakes, I had to tell the devil he’s a lie, and I had to start back praising ,and serving God ,and being relentless for Christ ,and let Nothing Stop Me from Praising Him.”

Daniel Evans is an anointed Christian Rapper who uses his gift of song to testify in his rap. His flavor is a little old school, but with some crunkness, and His style various from coast to coast.

Daniel is on Jamsphere with “Nothing Going To Stop Me” and “GOD Is Your Protector”


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